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      2. Welcome to Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Website

        ABOUT US


         Business philosophy:

        Meticulous manufacturing of good faith and continuous improvement of practical innovation


        Core value:

        The value of integrity and innovation responsibility


        Team slogan:

        Ordinary creation miracle, achievement breakthrough dream


        Business philosophy:

        The value of the value of the customer value to the value of the shareholder value of the society

        Customer value: establish a perfect supply system, provide competitive products, and make the end user satisfied.

        Employee value: the company provides a development platform, the staff through efforts to play their talents and reflect the self value of life.

        Shareholder value: build development platform, establish sustainable development of enterprise culture, provide excellent working environment, cultivate an innovative and competitive team, realize JCF enterprise hundred years dream.

        Social value: legal operation, tax payment by law, training talents for the society, providing good employment opportunities and participating in social welfare undertakings.


        Talent strategy:

        Respecting the person who cultivates the person to motivate the person to achieve the person


        Enterprise spirit:

        I'm the first to go all the way.


        Quality concept:

        Quality and exquisite customer first


        Quality policy:

        Quality and quality service and quality customer satisfaction continuous improvement


        Business expansion:

        At present: Fujian and France in China; the target market: Guangdong, Shanghai and so on



        Set up enterprise brand and dedicate its own strength to the development of mechanical manufacturing technology