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      2. Welcome to Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Website

        ABOUT US




        Brief Introduction of Kairunda
          Jiangxi KAIRUNDA Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd is a high-tech firm based on its subsidiary firm Shenzhen POWERN Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd, while combining with each advantages of Beijing CATCH CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd, Kunming OULIDA Electromechanical Co.,LTD and Hong Kong Tengs Precision Instruments Co., LTD.
          Our firm research and master the core technology cooperating with Beijing University of Science and Technology and Institute of Automation of ,Chinese Academy of Sciences.We also have our own independent intellectual property rights.
          Our company is the chief national industry standards maker of  Magnetic-grid Linear Displacement Measuring Device/ Digital Readouts for Magneto Scale Transducer / Magnetic Linear Transducer ,and all of these have been published and inplemented.Now we are responsible for the drafting of 2 national industry standards of Magnetic Rotary Encoder / Magnetic Angle Encoder.
          Our firm also has 9 utility model patents and 4 invention patents such as.