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      2. Welcome to Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Website

        ABOUT US


        Company profile, Jiangxi Kairunda Precision Instrument Co. , Ltd. is located in Xinyu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangxi Province. Meanwhile, WE HAVE SET UP R & D Center in Beijing and Sales Center in Shenzhen and Nanchang, with more than domestic senior experts and survey with Europe's top companies in the field of deep cooperation. The company is a professional engaged in high-performance magnetic displacement, strain, angle, velocity sensor and its extended application product research and development, manufacture and sales, as well as the town and the important infrastructure security intelligence surveillance domain product research and development and the project construction high-tech enterprise; passed the GB/T9001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system authentication. The company is "magnetic grid Rotary Encoder" , "magnetic grid angle encoder" and other five national industry standards of the chief drafting unit, with a number of patents and software copyright. At present, Kairunda has the independent intellectual property right of nanometer linear displacement and angle magnetizing technology. Around this core technology, the company develops, designs, produces and manufactures the relevant magnetic sensors and their extension products. At the same time, the company has nano-level Linear displacement and angle magnetizing technology, independent research and development of nano-magnetic film materials and components; high-precision, small distance magnetizing machine (the same level of equipment for 2014 Japan limit exports of strategic materials to China) . In 2017, based on Kairunda, the magnetic displacement sensor industrial workstation of "Haizhi plan" in Jiangxi Province was established. In the same year, based on Kairunda, the Engineering Research Center of magnetic sensor in Xinyu was established Since 2017, it has been approved by the state as a science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise for four consecutive years, and by the state as a high-tech enterprise for 2018. In 2019, he won the bronze medal of China advanced technology transformation and application competition. Product Application area, civil hydraulic engineering, pipe culverts, offshore wind power, high-end CNC machine tools, smart body suits, agricultural and forestry machinery, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, medical equipment, train safety equipment, linear motors, automotive electronics, energy industry and new energy industry, stage set technology, transportation and lifting equipment, window curtain wall technology, plastic processing equipment, construction machinery, stone, woodworking, metal and special machinery manufacturing.